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Where faith and effective living connect!

Faith = Belief
Effective Living = Producing desired results.
The look on the face of the person in our picture has nothing to do with youth, or wealth or even being in a beautiful setting and breathing fresh air. This face reflects freedom. Freedom that comes from within. Did you know that you were created with intention? God's intention for us was to love and be loved. To live life to the fullest!

We read in the book of John that we have an adversary. But, Jesus tells us that He came to bring us life and that to the full! John 10:10. Together, we can examine what this means.  There is a struggle within each of us. How then, can we overcome and have that full life that is promised? 

At Angel Counseling we help you explore this and more! Come and expect the God of the universe to meet you and help you receive the good news that He is for us and not against us, Romans 8:31, and also, that His desire is to help us step into these truths!

Start the journey!

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 Events in our lives often lead us to believe certain "truths." Do these truths line up with what God says, or are they merely the results of our experiences. Let's take a closer look at the events that have formed and shaped our thoughts. Together, with the Lord's guidance, we can separate our truth and replace it with His.

What joy there is when we are able to flourish in the freedom that our Creator intended for us.
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